What is Keranique, Review, Side Effect and How to Use

Keranique is an all-in-one hair care solution and a scientifically advanced product line that promises to regenerate hair with a proven three-stage process, cleaning, conditioning and treatment.

More and more popular highly specialized Keranique hair care kits, including innovative rejuvenating shampoo, excess weight conditioner, lifting spray and regenerating cream, which is a hair restoration program and longevity part. They even showed their approved FDA ingredients Minoxidil, clinically proven to thicken and regenerate lost hair faster.

We searched the Internet for verbal and visual evidence of comments and reviews by Keranique, known as Women Hair Growth Experts, and summarized them below.

On her official website Dr. Kernik Dr. Sonia Batra, MD, M.Sc., MPH and a certified medical consultant for dermatologists stated that all of their products contain “only FDA approved for real hair regeneration.” Components “.

This appetizing high-strength ingredient is minoxidil, which is upset by more than 46,000,000 women and is under pressure due to thinning of the hair.

If you visit their website, you will see that the online anchor of Susanna Senna talks about the impact of the battle, so you can feel more confident and beautiful. They have a large number of photos before and after photos of the users of the Keranique hair regrowth system. They say that these images were scientifically confirmed and confirmed by genuine medical literature.

Some products for hair regeneration usually contain 5 to 10% minoxidil. The most popular Minoxidil product on the market today is Rogaine, containing 2% of Minoxidil. Keranique also contains 2% minoxidil. Keranique stimulates hair growth using liquid minoxidil. In some cases, minoxidil is said to initially cause the hair to fall, but later it stimulates thicker hair.

It will not work all the time, it does not apply to everyone. But if you’ve seen before and after Rogaine’s treatment – or if a friend used Rogaine, then you know what to expect.

How to use Keranique

Below are the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use Keranique: Apply 1 ml. Use a dropper twice a day right on the scalp area of ​​hair loss. Multipurpose use or reuse does not improve results. Continued use is necessary to increase and maintain hair growth, otherwise hair loss will begin again.

Ingredients of Keranique

Keranique does not list the ingredients of all products on the official website, so it seems that they want you to order all the hair care products, but do not really know what is inside each product. It’s a little strange, but it’s not uncommon in today’s market. However, since this is a woman-oriented hair regeneration system, we decided to continue digging until we find more.

These ingredients are not listed on the official website of the manufacturer, but they are listed on Amazon. In any case, as soon as you receive the product by e-mail, you can see a list of all the ingredients on the package. The following is the content of each Keranique product:

Keranique Side Effects

In 2012, the FDA considered several different equations for hair regeneration. These hair regeneration equations are sold online and contain minoxidil. These include male minoxidil and female minoxidil.

The FDA has reviewed these creams because high doses (10% and 15%) of minoxidil cause hypotension, rapid or irregular heartbeats and other cardiac symptoms. ”

The product also contains other chemicals, such as sebacic acid and ketoconazole, which further exacerbates these effects. Some chemicals even remove hair.

Fortunately, Keranique does not seem to contain any of these ingredients. He also claims to contain 2% minoxidil, which means that you should avoid all the side effects of minoxidil. However, before using Keranique, you still need to read the warning label.

If you use Rogaine, Keranique or other Minoxidil products, hair is very common when used for the first few days: if this happens to you, do not panic. In addition to this side effect, some people may experience dryness, itching or inflammation of the scalp and should stop using it for several days to see if the situation improves.

You should also read the warning label on the package, which can be found on almost any minoxidil based product.

Who should use Keranique?

Keranique is an expensive hair rejuvenation formula containing many of the same ingredients as other minoxidil formulations, but most companies and product lines do not include these compounds, offering solutions for packaging


Follicle Boosting Serum – sold as part of the Keranique kit – it’s a unique product for hair regeneration. It contains an ingredient called Kopexil, also known as amidoxime. This ingredient is said to be similar to minoxidil. It stimulates hair growth at the level of the follicles. Oh, those Follikle Boosting Serums are no longer provided by Keranique.

Ultimately, Keranique is a comprehensive integrated hair regeneration system, approved by FDA Minoxidil and other clinically proven ingredients – it contains more benefits than your average hair hair formula, shampoo and conditioner. The bottom line, when it comes to women and beauty, it’s important to have hair.

It is in the interests of each person to try to protect and preserve valuable hair. As we get older, it seems that these chances seem to be very similar to ours. If you need thicker, longer, stronger, healthier hair and care about how to procure and formulate ingredients, with a reputable company with a proven product line such as Keranique, to your advantage.

As always, please leave your valuable opinions so that others can understand your experience and results.


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