Have you heard of fat burners, tablets that allow the fat of your body to break away from your baby’s cone, do not you? Not really. The fat burners are additives. Their design and ingredients can really give you an extra boost, helping to burn fat. But they can not replace a solid diet and exercise plan.

Think about burning fat, like the zenith of a sniper rifle. Only you try to squeeze the fat cells. Diet – a weapon and heavy artillery, exercise – firepower, fat burners can help you better target and kill fat more effectively. However, fat burners do not work optimally when used improperly. Usually this is because people do not consider the following five basic concepts, namely the effective use of fat burners for weight loss. If you follow, the next fat burner that you are investing in can help you trim the fat and show the body that you were trying to build.

1. Diet is 80% of the fight with weight loss

One of the biggest mistakes many people make is thinking that they can take an addition to weight loss, and the result of losing weight will be it. They believe that fat burners are a miracle solution they are looking for. But sticking to a calorie restriction diet is 80% of your battle. If you can do this and keep it consistent, then you have already completed 80% of the work. The rest of the exercise, the time, you can get additional help from the application.

Fat burners can help increase fat loss, but only if you eat right. The fat burners work in different ways. They can increase energy, help suppress appetite, push fats to energy and even increase your metabolism and core temperature, which will allow you to burn more calories during the day. However, if you burn fat, and then feast on hamburgers, pizza and bagels, you will not see fat loss in the near future.

2. Make sure your weight loss expectations are realistic

Keep the reality and your expectations. Some people think that if they use fat burners, they should be able to lose one kilogram of fat per week. Will not happen.

Although your fat loss level may increase, you will not lose 10 pounds for supplements during the week. Remember: for normal healthy people, a safe fat loss is 1 to 3 pounds per week. You can increase this speed to 4 pounds a week, but this is not sustainable. In the end, your body will reach a plateau, and fat will slow down.

If you lose weight too fast or do not burn fat, you can lose muscle mass. If you do not want to look like an invisible clothes hanger, rather than a toned, fitness model or bodybuilder, you should reconsider your weight and weight plans.

3. No more better

Fat burners are specifically designed to provide the right dose of various ingredients to support fat loss. But this does not mean that the more ingredients you take, the more results there will be. The supplements manufacturer announces recommendations and maintenance instructions so you can measure which dose is best for you.

It is best to start with the lowest dose indicated on the package and store it for at least two weeks. After that, you can determine whether you want to increase the dose to the higher end of the spectrum indicated on the package. If only one service is used in the list of products, it should be used sequentially.

4. Excessive caffeine will disappoint you

If you can not start a new day without a cup of coffee a day and drink 3 or 4 cups throughout the day, be careful when choosing a fat burning stimulant. Most fat burners, if not indicated directly, contain caffeine or substances like caffeine, stimulants. If you want to take a stimulant fat burner, pay attention to the total intake of caffeine during the day.

Despite the fact that you are sure to take advantage of such high caffeine intake, if you mix the benefits of multiple cups of fat-burning coffee or other caffeinated beverages, you can also burn quickly. You can experience fatigue more easily, and it’s more difficult to recover after a workout. In the end, this is equivalent to a slower result.

5. Results should be measured

After you have chosen the fat burner that you want to use, 2 to 3 weeks before assessing progress. But you absolutely must assess your progress. Regardless of whether you take photo sessions, body measurements, body fat measurements or simply measure your weight, if you do not know your starting point, you will not know if the product will help to see the effect.

To combine them, if you insist on a diet and exercise plan for losing weight, write your expectations about fat loss (be sure to be realistic!), Follow the instructions to take the fat burner, do not overdo it and measure your progress – you will find extra fats , which can guarantee their commitment. This does not mean that every product on the market has exactly the same quality. This requires some research and shopping to decide on fat burning. But keep these five basic principles in mind, and you will become the winner on the battlefield of losing weight. Looks good!