5 Amazing Tips For Beginner Yoga Person

Are you ready to start doing yoga? Are you worried about what you are looking for? If so, leadership is a good thing before the first class of yoga.

The class begins with a brief meditation and a gentle warm-up. We take you through the first yoga posture and, finally, relax and lie. During the whole class, when you move from one posture to another, you will be asked to focus on your breathing and “find an easy one.” Here are 5 tips to get on the right path to the great yoga practice.

1. Flexible body and relaxed mind

Many newcomers are fascinated by a flexible body that has practiced yoga for many years. They looked at their bodies and thought, “I can not do yoga … I can not even touch my toes! “Oh, it’s true … No matter how severe you are, yoga will help you understand that your greatest potential lies in your tense muscles and your limited joints. An experienced teacher will guide you step by step to an open, strong and sensitive institution.

How about a holiday? When you begin to practice yoga, you will learn to calm your mind and relax. Is it like an unattainable goal? If you do not know how to slow down and experience a calm and clear mind, yoga can be very useful.

2. Breathing

One of the most important tools in yoga practice is your own breathing. Of course, we all know how to breathe. But how often do you notice your breathing? Do you feel that your body is breathing? Understanding how to breathe correctly can have a very strong impact on our health. This allows us to bring fresh oxygen into our lungs, cells and organs and provide energy for our body.

In the yoga class, you will be reminded and encouraged to “breathe position” or “breathe in part of the body.” But what does it mean? Breathing has a calming effect on the body and mind. Especially when we exhale, yoga suggests that we relax and relieve tension, because our muscles are relaxed, and our bodies tend to be soft. Therefore, when the teacher tells you to “breathe hips”, it simply means pointing out the feeling of that part of the body so that you can better get rid of your posture and start making real changes to your body.

3. Have an open and funny attitude

Doing something for the first time can be very scary. If you first step on the rug, you may not know what to expect, and you do not know if you are good. You might think, “What if I can not be what the teacher said?” And “What if I deceive myself before others?” All these problems are fair and understandable, but here are the memories …

You are in the novice class, so other people around you have the same feeling
A good teacher will be able to adapt to each posture to his own level and let you use it
Learning new things can be very exciting if you allow your time and space to explore what is happening
Yoga is an activity that encourages you to focus and develop a calm attitude. However, we should not look too seriously! In the yoga class there is always room for fun and a smile.

4. Learn to listen to your body

One of the reasons why you may be interested in yoga is its desire to make your body flexible, strong and healthy. Here are some tips on how to do it in a safe and stable way.

Be patient and gentle about yourself. You do not need to be dangerous or wrong for yourself. Do not show what you can do (for yourself or for a class). Pay attention to your limitations and believe in the inner wisdom of your body.

5. Forget about competitiveness

As a beginner, you can be happy to look around the room and see how you compare yourself to other people. We can easily focus on our shortcomings and judge what we are doing. You may find that someone more flexible or stronger than you, and then “internal critics” will start to give out and tell you how bad a yogi is.

Do not forget that we all have our strengths and weaknesses, so you may find that you are better off something, not someone else. We enjoy yoga here and stand out from the exercise and get the most out of ourselves. Yoga is not competitive. Be it with others or with yourself.

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